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Special Wedding Tiaras Enhance Your Look

When you're considering wedding tiaras as an option for your wedding, you will be in superb company. Tiaras for weddings have never been commonly used and in the event that you intend to utilize a tiara together with a veil, or instead of one, they're a terrific way to add a bit more sparkle on your big day. Wedding tiaras are a hot bridal accessory that will never go out of style. Most brides do opt for some style of wedding tiara. Whether you are a traditional bride, modern or contemporary bride, vintage bride, romantic bride, or Hollywood glam bride, you will find a tiara that fits your needs. There are quite a few designs, all of which are unique and worn in different ways.

The etymology of "tiara" begins in Persia and was used to describe richly jeweled, conical headpieces that stood high upon the head of the ancient Persian kings. Royalty were the only ones allowed to wear such an accessory as it signified the greatness of the kings, demanding the importance of reverence and respect from the population much like a crown had done in the past. In Greece another option for the tiara took place. Diadems were worn more largely as a white ribbon bound about the head. Gods wore diadems and their idolatry was worshipped by all. As time passed, a certain distaste for the Persians grew from the rise and fall of they tyrants and monarchs that led to the unpopularity of the diadem.

Recently there has been a revival in the popularity of tiaras as brides far and wide choose this accessory to complement their ensemble rather than other types of headdresses that are available for wear. Some brides wear them alone while others add the traditional veil that can be removed during the wedding ceremony leaving the tiara to be worn throughout the evening. Today's tiaras have progressed into a half-moon shape that fits lightly atop the head, usually anchored with combs at the ends. You can find single band, as well as double or triple band styles with delicate yet bold designs that include the use of real or faux gemstones. Some designs even include facets and points that resemble the crown of a princess.

Some newlywed brides, upon the completion of their wedding day, will take the Wedding Tiaras and transform them into jewelry such as a necklace, bracelet or broach so that it can be worn for many occasions rather than just the one. You also have the option of leaving the tiara as it is so that you can pass it down from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

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